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General Questions

1. How can I register for PaulPay Wallet?
2. How do I secure my PaulPay Wallet account?

3. Is it secure to use PaulPay Wallet?
What if I my mobile phone get lost/stolen?
How do I add money to my PaulPay Wallet?
Is there a limit on the amount of funds I can add in my PaulPay Wallet?
How can I check my PaulPay Wallet 'Balance'?
Is there any validity of the account?
What is PaulPay Wallet?
When should I complete my KYC?
Why Should I use PaulPay Wallet?
How can I contact PaulPay Wallet?
If a transaction done through my PaulPay Wallet is not successful, is my money refunded?
How do I sign up for my PaulPay Wallet account?
What all you ask me when I sign up?
Do you verify my mobile number?
How do I change my address and personal details?
How do I change my password?
How do I view my Transaction History?
Can I recharge any mobile, DTH, Datacard etc.?
Can I pay bills through PaulPay Wallet?
How will I get to know whether my recharge or bill payment transaction has been successful?
My recharge was successful but I have not yet received my recharge. Now what?