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General Questions

1. How can I register for PaulPay Wallet?
2. How do I secure my PaulPay Wallet account?

3. Is it secure to use PaulPay Wallet?
What if I my mobile phone get lost/stolen?
How do I add money to my PaulPay Wallet?
Is there a limit on the amount of funds I can add in my PaulPay Wallet?
How can I check my PaulPay Wallet 'Balance'?
Is there any validity of the account?
What is PaulPay Wallet?
When should I complete my KYC?
Why Should I use PaulPay Wallet?
How can I contact PaulPay Wallet?
If a transaction done through my PaulPay Wallet is not successful, is my money refunded?
How do I sign up for my PaulPay Wallet account?
What all you ask me when I sign up?
Do you verify my mobile number?
How do I change my address and personal details?
How do I change my password?
How do I view my Transaction History?
Can I recharge any mobile, DTH, Datacard etc.?
Can I pay bills through PaulPay Wallet?
How will I get to know whether my recharge or bill payment transaction has been successful?
My recharge was successful but I have not yet received my recharge. Now what?
How can customers escalate unresolved issue to Ombudsman Digital Transactions?
What is the escalation matrix in case of any grievance?

What is the customer's liability in case of fraudulent transactions reporting?